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Quick start guide


When you download spGhost you’ll get a .rar file that contains:

  • spGhost.exe / spGhost_lite.exe (this is the setup file)
  • A folder with a 128×128 version of the button PNG’s (to setup with a loupedeck or a streamdeck)
  • Link to the documentation
  • Readme file

The installation of spGhost it’s so easy, you only have to follow this steps:
1 – Run the setup file (spGhost.exe / spGhost_lite.exe)
2 – Select the installation language
3 – Click on “Next”
4 – Define the installation path that you prefer
5 – Indicate if you want to create a desktop shortcut
6 – Click on “Next” again to finish the instalation


To uninstall spGhost you can proceed the same way as any other program or run the “Uninstall spGhost.exe” that you will find in the installation folder.


Compatible with Substance Painter v2019.3.3 or above only on Windows.

What is SPGhost?

spGhost it’s a lightweight standalone piece of software that acts as a companion for Substance Painter (by Adobe). It’s designed to be visible only when Substance Painter it’s visible, acting like an extra toolbar.

It will allow you to perform a series of actions, that normally takes some time, in just one click, reducing the amount of time spent doing the same over and over.

It comes with a serie of preconfigured actions and 10 customizable ones.

The power of hotkeys:

Every action have a hotkey assigned to it so you can decide which way of interaction do you prefer:

  • spGhost buttons: Click on any of the spGhost buttons to perform an action.
  • spGhost hotkeys: Fire the actions by pressing a combination of keys.
  • Assigning the hotkeys to the macro buttons of:
    • Keyboard or Mouse
    • Wacom or other pen tablets
    • Loupedek or Streamdeck (I also provide the image files of the buttons for you to customize the loupedeck/streamdeck layout).
(Here you can see a Loupedeck Live configured with some of the spGhost actions)