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What is spGhost

spGhost it’s a lightweight standalone piece of software that acts as a companion for Adobe Substance 3D Painter. It’s designed to be visible only when Adobe Substance 3D Painter it’s visible, acting like an extra toolbar.

It will allow you to perform a series of actions, that normally takes some time, in just one click, reducing the amount of time spent doing the same over and over.

It comes with a series of preconfigured actions and 10 customizable ones.

The power of hotkeys:

Every action have a hotkey assigned to it so you can decide which way of interaction do you prefer:

  • spGhost buttons: Click on any of the spGhost buttons to perform an action.
  • spGhost hotkeys: Fire the actions by pressing a combination of keys.
  • Assigning the hotkeys to the macro buttons of:
    • Keyboard or Mouse
    • Wacom or other pen tablets
    • Loupedek or Streamdeck (I also provide the image files of the buttons for you to customize the loupedeck/streamdeck layout).
(Here you can see a Loupedeck Live configured with some of the spGhost actions)