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spGhost 3.0 – August 2021
  • Customizable hotkeys: added a new menu that will allow you to customize the actions hotkeys
  • Added PIE menu mode. Access all the actions within an overlaid radial menu clicking “Alt+Shift+RMB”
  • Custom actions can now add smart and base materials
  • Custom PNG buttons for the custom actions
  • Enhanced user experience:
    • “Collapsed mode” button it’s now on the title bar
    • “General settings” have now it’s own menu, accessible by a button in the tray icon menu
    • “Help” have been substituted by “About spGhost”, accessible by a button in the tray icon menu
    • Access to “Documentation” and “Report a bug” via the tray icon menu
    • The option “Reset defaults” from the settings menus have now a confirmation dialog
  • Added new options to the “General settings”:
    • “PIE mode”: switch between standard spGhost GUI and PIE menu mode
    • “Show only custom action buttons”: In the standard GUI mode you will only see the CA buttons
    • “Use small custom action buttons”: switch between big and small CA buttons
    • “Reset searchbox after selecting an asset”: the searchbox will be reseted when you use a CA to select an asset
  • Smaller and more optimized UI
  • Ability to minimize spGhost to the taskbar (added “minimize button” and “minimize/restore” hotkeys)
spGhost 2.0 – July 2021
  • Added compatibility for Adobe Substance 3D Painter (version 7.2)
spGhost 1.0 – March 2021
  • First release