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Custom actions

spGhost comes with the option to customize 10 “custom actions” that you can use to add filters or generators and select diferent brushes.

The custom actions will perform a search in the shelf in order to find and apply what you need.

They are so handy if you use the same filters or generations very often on switching between brushes in a quick way.

You will find the “custom action” buttons in the third row of the spGhost GUI (you can hide this row by disabling the option “Show custom action buttons” in the configuration panel):

Custom actions hotkeys:

Each custom action have a hotkey assigned that you can use to trigger them:

Alt+”custom action number” (The number 0 corresponds to the custom action number 10)

Button states:

You will notice that the custom action buttons have a color assigned depending on the type of asset that have assigned, here you can see the different colors and it’s meanings:

If “search text” field is empty then the button will be grayed out (Disabled) and clicking on it or firing the hotkey will have no reaction. (All the buttons come disabled by default)

Custom actions editor:

You can open the “custom actions” editor by clicking on the “Custom actions editor” inside the configuration panel. It looks like this:


Description: Here you can add a short description of the custom action. You will see the description prompted in the help line when you hover the custom action button in the spGhost GUI.

Search Type: You have to select what type of search do you want to perform

Search Text: Here you have to specify the exact text used to find the asset that you want (I recomend you to do a manual search in the shelf first to ensure that the text that you use will find the desired asset in the first place)


Save changes: By clicking this button you will write your changes into the config file.

 Important: Changing the custom action settings needs manual refresh of spGhost (Alt+F11 or restart spGhost)

Clear all: Will clear all the entries and reset everything.

 Requirement: You have to be able to paint (having the mask or a paint effect selected) in order to be able to select a brush
 Important: It will always select the first result from the search so make sure that the “search text” match exactly with the result that you expect