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Collapsed mode:

By default you will see the full GUI layout with all the buttons:

But, if you prefer you can use the compact mode where you will only see the titlebar and the help line (where the help information and errors are shown):

To switch between the two modes use the litle arrow button in the bottom right corner.

Show elapsed time
 Default: Disabled
How much time it takes to run an action?

Each action have it’s own complexity and the time that it will need to complete will depend on this particular complexity and some particular aspects from your setup (screen resolution, number of monitors, etc…)
You can enable the “Show elapsed time” option to get a promt in the helpline when an action have finished:

Full screen lookup
 Default: Disabled

By default spGhost only detects the content that are fisically inside of the Substance Painter main window but, we know that you may want to have some panels located outside the main window or in a second or third monitor so, you can set the “Full screen lookup” to allow spGhost to detect content from all your screenspace (of all monitors).
Please note that this will need some extra processing time so be considered and check this option only if needed.

By default spGhost will only detect inside the green area. With “Full screen lookup” enabled will also detect the ones in the red area, even if they are in a different monitor.

Open/Show properties after adding effect
 Default: Disabled

Enabling this option will automaticly open the properties panel if it’s closed or it will show it up if it’s docked in a secondary position at the end of an action that adds a layer effect.

Custom actions settings
Show custom action buttons
 Default: Enabled

If it’s enabled, the custom action buttons will be displayed in the gui

Custom actions editor

It will open the “Custom actions editor” menu

If you find a bug or something is not working as expected you can report it, I’ll much appreciate it!!