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SPghost lite

spGhost lite is the free version of spGhost and it comes with 10 actions to automate some processes in Substance Painter

spGhost lite actions:
  • Alt+Q Add new fill layer
  • Alt+W: Add black mask to layer/folder
  • Ctrl+G: Stack selected layers
  • Ctrl+Alt+C: Copy layer/mask content
  • Ctrl+Alt+V: Paste layer/mask content
  • Ctrl+3: Add “levels” to selected layer/mask
  • Ctrl+4: Add “blur filter” to selected layer/mask
  • Ctrl+5: Add “metal edge generator” to selected layer/mask
  • Ctrl+8: Select the “Standard soft” brush
  • Ctrl+9: Select the “Standard hard” brush
     Alt+F11: Refresh spGhost
     Alt+Shift+F11: Return spGhost to the center of the primary monitor
     Alt+F12: Exit spGhost
spGhost lite features:
  • Compact mode
  • Macro keyboard (you can assign the spGhost hotkeys to the macro keys of you keyboard, mouse or pen tablet)
  • Loupedeck/Streamdeck compatible (button PNG’s are included)

Comparison with spGhost (full):

spGhost features: